Volume 1: The Hunt

Step into the mind of Killabears artist Memo Angeles, as he leads you on a journey through the past, present, and future of the Killaverse.

🚨 BUT BE WARNED: the road ahead is fraught with twists and turns!

Tread wisely, for every choice you make will impact your fate and determine your destiny within the Killaverse. Your Killa adventure awaits, will you answer the call?

Midnight Moon Rabbit

By SNDeveloper

Under the glow of the midnight moon, she dances with grace and mystery. This lunar maiden represents a new beginning, a harbinger of the legends yet to come in the digital age.

Dead Degen #1575

Created by By DeadDegens

In order to be resurrected one must first die.

Rug Hug #6060 (Left)

Created by by thehugxyz

A collection of 15,000 huggable, collectible artwork by Lisa Chow, of which only 6,000 is available presently. A HUG Pass allows you to access the HUGhub community DYOR and discovery platform for NFTs, made available through a private Discord. Each hug comes with its own perk, which is only unlocked when matched.